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The International Network for Early Childhood Health Development
Marie Curie Exchange Program

5 - General coordination: Work package 5 (WP5)

Coordination: University College Dublin (UCD)


- Insure that the objectives of the programme are attained by coordinating the activities so that the tasks will be done in time, the milestones reached, and the deliverables delivered

Description of work

- Organise coordination meetings: a) general coordination meetings with the persons in charge of each site, b) coordination meetings with the researchers and collaborators at each site, c) coordination meetings with the early career participants, d) coordination meetings with all the participants in the program. These meetings will be done mainly through web-based telephone and visio conferencing.

- Supervise progress of work program (tasks, milestones, deliverables): a) through one on one interactions with persons responsible for a site, a task,  a deliverable, b) coordination meetings, c) site visits, d) web based activities (creation and management of a web-site).

- Manage secondments: a) selection of persons seconded, b) organise and supervise financial arrangements and financial reports.

- Interactions with the European Commission for annual reports and final overall report.


- Annual reports on progress of activities and financial operations

- Final report

Principal investigators

The general co-ordinator is R. E. Tremblay (UCD) with site co-ordinators: B. Falissard (Inserm), M. Boivin (Laval), R. Carbonneau (Mont), J. Costa da Costa (PUCRS), and J. E. Garcia-Huidobro (UAH, Chile).

INECHD meetings

  • April 3-4 2011 INECHD meeting

    PDF article INECHD April 3-4 2011 Agenda.pdf

PDF article 1-Tremblay R. PDF article 11-Brunet L.
PDF article 2-Doyle O. PDF article 12-Lamboy B.
PDF article 4-Carbonneau R. PDF article 13-Ortiz E.
PDF article 5-Dionne G. PDF article 14-Terra O., Schneider A.
PDF article 6-Petitclerc A. PDF article 16-Sais T.
PDF article 7-Gascon Giard C. PDF article 19-Moon T. H.
PDF article 10-Doyle O.
  • June 3-4 2012 INECHD meeting

    PDF article INECHD June 3-4 2012 Agenda.pdf

PDF article 1-Saïas T. PDF article 7-Encyclopédia
PDF article 2-Doyle O. PDF article 8-Rachel J.
PDF article 3-Petitclerc A.,
Doyle O.
PDF article 9-Navarro, J.
PDF article 4-Rouquette A. PDF article 10-Cheevers C.
PDF article 5-Doyle O. PDF article 11-Booij L.
PDF article 6-Gascon Giard C.,
Vinet I., Schneider A.
  • June 2013 Sao Paulo INECHD meeting
Sao Paulo, Brazil
PDF article 1-Tremblay R.E. PDF article 3-Tremblay R.E.
PDF article 2-Doyle O.
Santiago de Chile
PDF article 1-Logue C.
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and Universidad Alberto Hurtado

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