Grip : Groupe de recherche sur l'inadaptation psychosociale chez l'enfant.
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The International Network for Early Childhood Health Development
Marie Curie Exchange Program

4 - Advanced training of early career researchers: Work package 4 (WP4)

Coordination: Inserm


- Train early career researchers from Brazil, Canada, Chile, France and Ireland for international and interdisciplinary research and knowledge transfer on early development and prevention of health problems

Description of work

- Team work by early career and senior researchers on longitudinal and experimental studies in Brazil, Canada, Chile, France and Ireland. This team work will involve interdisciplinary teams with members from different countries working on data analyses, publications, research protocol planning, and knowledge transfer to service providers and policy makers. It will also involve participation in local, network wide seminars, workshops and colloquia, as well as regular international meetings.


- Two reports will be delivered at 24 and 48 months on the content of the training activities and on the productivity of the participants in the network with a specific focus on the early career researchers.

Principal investigators

Leaders are Professor B. Falissard (Inserm) with M. Boivin, R. Carbonneau, J. Costa da Costa, J. E. Garcia-Huidobro and R. E. Tremblay (UCD, Ireland). This WP obviously involves all early career researchers as trainees and all senior researchers as trainers. However, the training of early career researchers also involves interactions among the early career researchers.


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