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The International Network for Early Childhood Health Development
Marie Curie Exchange Program

3 - Knowledge transfer instruments: Work package 3 (WP3)

Coordination: Université de Montréal


- Insure quality of web-based encyclopaedia on early childhood development in four languages: English, French, Portuguese and Spanish

Description of work

- Select topics that are of common interests for each country. Topics will be selected with input from service providers and policy makers in all countries, but knowledge transfer requires choosing topics on which there is extensive research already done.

- Select internationally renowned experts to write encyclopaedia material on each topic. The procedure experimented over the past 9 years by the Centre of Excellence for Early Childhood Development will be used. Experts on each topic will also be selected in each country to contribute country-specific information. Senior network members will be responsible for this task.

- Coordinate plans of content specific for each country. Each country will identify service providers who will write the country specific information to facilitate uptake of information by each country.

- Coordinate translation process to insure quality of translations. Experts from each country will validate information translated from another language.


- Two reports on the development of the Web-based encyclopaedia on early childhood development will be delivered. The first at 30 months and the second at 48 months.

Principal investigators

Leaders are Prof R. Carbonneau (U. Montreal, Canada) and Prof J. Costa da Costa (PUCRS, Brazil). All senior researchers are involved in WP3. There is some involvement from early career researchers, but mainly for training purposes, unless the early career researcher has decided to specialise in knowledge transfer.


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